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Sancak Plastik maintains its place among the leading companies of the sector with its expert staff in drip irrigation pipes, customer satisfaction and wide customer portfolio by taking patented product designs together with establishing its corporate infrastructure in Beyşehir district of Konya.

To become a leading brand that maintains and develops the trust in Sancak Plastik in the drip irrigation sector, and constantly increases the satisfaction of the target audience with its services in this field.

To become a world brand in the drip irrigation sector, to increase its place in the sector day by day, to take into account the developing technology and innovations, and to provide 100% customer satisfaction by providing reliable and quality services.

To make designs in accordance with the changing customer expectations in the fast developing world.
To ensure customer satisfaction by constantly improving product quality.
To increase production capacity.
To produce high quality.
To increase quality and efficiency in all our fields.
Sancak Plastik Ltd. Sti. It started production with a single machine in a small workshop by Osman Güvercin in 1980.
The number of machines and employees increased over time and the company began to attract more customers. The company has been serving with the understanding of quality and reliability that it has never given up since the beginning.
Expanding its product range every day, the company manufactures bespoke hoses and hoses for various purposes.
There are many types of products such as underground polyethylene pipes, transparent and drip braided hoses, striped spring hoses, spiral absorbers and carriers, flat transparent hoses, and they appeal to the agricultural irrigation, construction and industrial sectors.
The company has a service network all over Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolian Regions.
The company, which moved to its new factory building in 1998, has always given priority to customer satisfaction.
Being one of the first industrial establishments of the region, the company is the pride of the region with the employment rates it provides.
The company is currently managed by Osman Güvercin's sons, Sadık Güvercin and Cengiz Güvercin, who took over the management from the founder.



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